Friday, January 20, 2012

Jumping the Gun.... Again!

I did it. I know I shouldn't have, that it is way too early, but I did it.

I bought seeds.

I didn't buy a lot, and I only bought those that I knew would go in the early spring planting. I didn't even buy all the ones I needed. But I had to get started a little bit! I know the ground is frozen. I know Papa Bear still has to take a jack hammer to the patio concrete before we can even install the beds. I know they will not be planted for another month, but I had to buy seeds! This way, I get to buy a few seeds a little at a time, and spread out the joy of it! I got broccoli, cabbage, and peas. That's it. I need a lot more, but I have my fix for now.

I feel better. And I can't wait for fresh broccoli!

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  1. I keep checking Walmart for fruit trees even though I know they won't have any yet - so, I know the