Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Right Path

It takes quite a bit of self-exploration and security to really find the right path for yourself and your family. And there are always people in your life who are going to try and tell you they know what is best for you, usually in a less than pleasant manner. In my experience, courage is neseccary to tell those people, truly and surely, that only you know what will make you really happy. You have to be brash sometimes, and a lot of folks are just not ballsy enough to do it.

The decisions I have for my family have taken a long time, and sometimes they change. The needs of myself and my cubs are always shifting, and going with the flow can be difficult. I trust my husband to hang on and manage with us in the hard times, and it makes everything easier to know that he can take care of himself. Not because I WANT him to take care of himself, or even that he does. But because I know that when I need to focus on myself, on the kids, on the house, or anything else, my husband is secure and capable enough to handle his own needs. I will handle our house without losing sleep over my husband's needs on top of everything else, because he will make them known and fulfill them himself if I cannot.

There is one sure way for me to know that we are all on the right track. I posted a few weeks back about the quiet contentment of motherhood, and that is my sign. When at any given moment I can sit back and that feeling takes over, that is when I know we have jumped a hurtle and landed on our feet. We are on the path that the Norns created for us, and our happiness is all that I need to prove it!

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