Saturday, January 14, 2012

On Our Way

The big move has finally come, after a month of anxious waiting and planning and dreaming. Now the real work begins.

Its is day two of our mid-winter move, and we are behind because the powers that be took much longer than we anticipated to get the place ready. But we managed to keep our promise to the kids, and the first night at the new house was indeed a CandyLand pizza party on the floor.

I look around the rented town home, and even though the kitchen, and the linen closet, and the backyard are far too small, and there are repairs and changes that have to be made, I feel a little more whole again. Something was missing that has returned. This is a first step to the goals that I have for my family, and we are going to make the most of it. Finishing the wall in the basement gives us more space for the kids, and compromising with the property manager gives us more green space to garden.

We are out of apartments, and taking the first step to the rest of our lives. It's a good way to start the new year, full of new changes and challenges. 2012 will be our year!

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