Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cheap and Green!

A whole month after my last post, I get to start the seeds I bought! Today I started the first half of my spring garden. My tomato seeds have not arrived yet, but I have another two weeks or so before I need to get those going. I have recycled all of my starting trays this year. I have herbs in tin cans, lettuce in milk jugs, and broccoli and peppers in egg cartons. I am hoping to build most of my garden out of recycled goods this year. We are saving all sorts of containers, all the way from yogurt cups to 5 gallon water jugs. The jugs are perfect for tomatoes and peppers when you cut the top off!

As far as my beds go, if I can find untreated shipping pallets, I am hoping to disassemble some to make my raised beds. I am also going to stand one up, wrap the back in landscaping fabric, and use it as a strawberry tower. The landscaping fabric was left behind by the previous renters, so I am not out any money there. The trellises for my vine-y veggies will be made out of sticks from the front yard and a ball of twine, and chicken wire I found with the landscaping fabric. I am hang tomatoes and peppers from older cloth shopping bags, and I am planting greens and herbs in #10 cans.

My biggest expense was going to be soil, but I found a solution for that as well! The city makes compost across town, and they sell it for $9 for a TRUCKLOAD. Yes, you have to haul it yourself, but that does not scare me!

Now I just have to figure out how to make an arbor on the cheap so I can squeeze in one more type of bean, and I will be all set!

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