Thursday, January 19, 2012

Attack of the Cooking Bug!

3 days after moving into a new place id probably too soon to be doing major experiments in the kitchen, since there is so much elsewhere to get done. I need to do some major unpacking, install the shelves, and catch up on laundry. But, instead, I am itching to try something new! I have a huge pork butt in my freezer, and a new meat grinder that has sat waiting and calling my name for a month now. I cannot resist the call any longer, and I have a dozen different recipes for ground pork bouncing around in my head!

No, I do not quite have the kitchen set up yet, and the table is currently being used as storage for miscellaneous boxes, but I can figure it out, right? It's only 13 lbs of half frozen on the bone meat that must be ground, stored, and cooked with three cubs to watch and Papa Bear at school. Or is that three cubs getting into things and no adult to help when they tear open the unpacked box of their choice and begin dismantling breakable things while  I am stuck in the kitchen with meat covered hands and a dog just waiting for me to look the other way?

No matter! I can't fight the bug any longer, I must make pork patties!

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