Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mommyhood Returns!

I had almost forgotten what this quiet contentment felt like. I love my husband, but he was home so often that it was hard to feel like an independent person. When you get too much of someone else's presence it starts to grate on your nerves. I had no idea just how much that was effecting me until he went back to school! With him gone few a few hours a day, five days a week, I find I can breathe a little easier. I have more of my own space, and more of my own time. Granted I spend it usually doing chores and wrangling cubs, but it is a simpler matter when I am the only authority figure in the house.

It also much easier to get the chores done. I don't feel rushed or have any expectations and I am much more willing to get up and do a load of dishes. My house is cleaner! I feel more individual, and at the same time I feel like I am depended on again, and not just along for the ride. My cubs and my husband both need me, and it is because I can take care of them that I have this contentment. I have gotten a part of my life back that I had been missing for a few years now. I feel like a mom again! I love you, honey, but I am so happy to get you out of my hair a little!!

The littlest cubs helping Mama Bear can sweet potatoes!

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