Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baby Steps...

Sometimes you have to work really hard to achieve your goals. Long hours, one step forward, two steps back, and so on. That has kind of been the story of my life. Then, sometimes, if you are a good little girl, things fall right in your lap. You're only job is to snatch them up before someone decides to take your candy. Case and point - our new townhouse!

We have been considering for a while the inevitable move in July, trying to figure out where would be the best compromise of price and neighborhood and still be good placement for everyone's schooling needs. I really didn't want the cubs to have to change schools again, and Brother Bear's amazing speech program is in this tiny little district. The problem is, it's such a great neighborhood that there are few houses for rent, and they get snatched up fast. We are lucky to have gotten the apt we did. Well, as fate would have it, one of the four townhomes opened up across the street, and because my husband is a shameless flirt, the manager of the complex really likes us. She offered us a deal before she offered it to anyone else, and with a little help from Grandma, we jumped on it.

Not only do we not have to wait for the summer to move, but my kids don't have to change school, and we only have to go across the street. After two and half years, we will be in a house again. The Bear's will have room to stretch out a little bit in our new den, and we are content to settle there for a while until we can finagle buying one of our own. My cubs can set down a few little roots, make some friends, and not jump around like Gypsies. Not that I have anything against Gypsies, I am just sick of living like one! Before long, these blogs will be packed with garden plans and seedling pictures!

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