Friday, November 11, 2011

Let the Hunt Begin!

It's hard for us to say good-bye to Papa Bear for 5 days, but we do it gladly. This is his thing, his annual outing, his commune time with nature. He gets a quiet couple of days to bond with his father, and I get a couple of days with him out of my hair to get some major work done on the house. This year the cubs are old enough to be put to work as well, so with any luck by the end middle of next week the den will sparkle and the freezer will be full again.

In the meantime, we are keeping our fingers crossed for Grandpa Bear. His health has not been its best, and past afternoon trips have been difficult for him. I am hoping Papa can keep him safe and prevent him from overdoing things, like he has a tendency to. I am planning on keeping myself extra busy during this trip to keep from worrying overmuch. Worrying never has done me any good, and I have to make room in the cupboards and freezer in case Papa brings home a catch. Happy Hunting, Menfolk!

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