Sunday, November 6, 2011

Howdy, World!

I have a tendency to get carried away with these blog things. I will start one up, and a few months later it disappears, usually due to a major move. Yeah, those suck. For some reason I have always felt like they needed to have some sort of theme, and be semi-professional looking. Screw that. Basically all I am looking for is a place to be me. To journal when I am pissy, brag when I feel accomplished, and have a record of the progress of my goals. I am not going to pressure myself to post daily, or weekly, or even monthly if I don't need to. I get to just be me :)

That being said: Hi! We are the Bears. Mama and Papa Bear, Sister, Brother, and Bitty Bear. And Kodiak, the dog. This is a look into our den. Over the next few years we plan on moving to bigger, grander dens, with more yard space and fewer neighbors. Cross your fingers, and for heaven's sake don't hold your breath, that has been the plan for a while now. But everyday we get a little closer to the Big Den, and a little less comfortable in the little Rental Den. Economy be damned, the cubs deserve it, we deserve it, and Kodiak deserves it, and Mama Bear is part mule and will MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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